Have a hopefully nice evening off to you Mistress Tess. Your wish to be reminded of you every time you sit has definitely come true. I wish I could feel her Strap On inside me again, opened me wide enough to be actively reminded even longer :-)
I would like to say a very special thank you for today’s session, even though every encounter with them deserves a thank you. A few moments with them let me switch off more than a few days vacation.
I would never have expected that their training of my feminine side would bear such fruit. Before I met you it was a small part, hidden somewhere. Through your encouragement and “work” on me, this “little part” has become an everyday companion. Every morning, when I get dressed I think about it, before an appointment with you I am excited the week before and I always think about it. Your rules for the time between our sessions make me think about it more and more, and create the desire to continue working on my Tina even without your direct guidance. And most importantly, to accept you.

Today’s session showed me that I want to be your very own Sissy. And would like to belong only to you. Also towards others, I will want to be at all times so that I represent them appropriately and they can be proud of what you make of me.
I really enjoyed the experience with today’s spreader bar. That “being exposed” was great. However, it was also a wonderful experience to see you exercising your sissy while I couldn’t see what exactly you were doing. I could only wait to see what would happen next. The inflatable plug almost blew my mind. At first I thought you would never stop increasing the pressure. In the time in which you left me alone, the pressure has brought me almost around the mind, or was even close to bring me to an orgasm (and I have not touched me).

That another lady with your “demonstration object” appears at once in the session, has thrown me at first very much out of the socket, but as soon as I became aware that you show me with it also to another lady, I just wanted to represent you as well as possible and show that your sissy if not much, at least something can.
To see how the slave could blow the dildo made me a little envious. The fact that he could not take your cock so much more than I did, in turn reassured me :-) The game that Lady Vicki’s slave and I were to play off against each other was challenging on so many levels at once, He did it pretty well, Tina must confess. On the other hand, when setting the task, it was clear that I give my utmost to let you, my mistress, “win”.

After this experience I have gained two insights for me, the first is that I trust you absolutely by now, and thus you can do almost anything with me :-) The second arises more as a question: Are there lesbian sissies? It turns me on incredibly when I blow your StrapOn, or they make me moan from behind. Pleasing a real man does not do that in my mind. I love your aesthetics, your scent, your closeness, and your way. All of this currently fixates me on women, or rather you.

I’m sorry that I “delayed” you so long at the end, I saw when I left that the “next” was already at the door. Thank you for your time, and for not just “throwing me out” I wish you all the best for the recovery of the nose. Like I said, she was beautiful before, and is now. If I could choose which woman I wanted to become, I would specify you. You are a true goddess and I am extremely grateful that I can be your Tina.

I look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, I am still ready for any of your wishes. And will try not to bother you with a question about an orgasm.

Submissive greetings,
Yours Tina