Venerable Mistress Tess!

Allow me to put down on paper my thoughts on today’s session. First of all, I must confess that until noon today I did not feel any nervousness or anything else. However, the closer it got to 4pm, the more nervous and anxious I became.

In order not to ring the bell too early, I stared at the digital clock and the seconds became endless. When you stood in front of me I probably had my mouth open for a long time, because, allow me to say, you are even prettier and sexier than you could ever imagine from your pictures. A goddess!!!

The whole session including the trip to the terrace gave me one highlight after the other. I don’t want to bother them with my thoughts either, but I would very much like to visit them again this week as discussed. I would be in touch on Thursday in the course of the morning.

Allow me one more request. If you receive me with another slave, I would ask you to allow me to wear a mask.

Your devoted slave