Good evening Mistress Tess.

for yesterday’s afternoon / evening I can not help but thank you again in detail and deeply. After you have first gefi**t the head of your sissy, and then turned off “lying around” I needed a little time for the detailed.

Since a few days already a certain anticipation sounded through in me. Since yesterday noon, this was replaced by quite a bit of nervousness. “I wondered what I was so nervous about, and I still don’t know. I assume that this is the way it is when you find a person who you know can do anything to you, and you are absolutely defenseless, and you also like to be at her mercy.

The moment I saw you yesterday, all feeling was gone anyway. You understand incredibly well to pick me up at this door between reality and “your realm”, to help me to strip away all that was unnecessary at that moment, to create familiarity. In short, creating atmosphere.

Her little comment that I would be “under observation from now on” made the thoughts of everyday life fade away, and that nervousness come out again. What does that mean exactly? How do you expect me to behave? Do you expect anything in particular? A certain insecurity rose in me, but settled down again when it was no longer addressed. Even though I was unfortunately still stuck in the work routine today, it was all over me in seconds when you brought me to my knees, and leashed me up. To have a collar put on me by you. Is an honor for me. As marginal as it may seem to put this around your neck, it meant so much to me. To follow you, and to have to decide whether to stay with your gaze on your feet, your legs, your lasciviously swinging buttocks, or rather on the hand that leads the leash, was an objectively impossible task for me at that time.
Excited about what your imagination wanted to experience today, I was surprised.
A finger pointing, and I kneel in front of you. feel you coming closer, feel your hair on my skin, smell your perfume, feel every little touch of your skin against mine, and enjoy it.

A shock collar? Oh my… Oh my goddess, yes that too. For you, I’ll do anything. I reassure myself, with the fact that I have practiced for today, I hear my rules, my exercise/task, and think to myself that I can do it. In addition, you are merciless, but fair. I have nothing bad to fear. This goddess, whom I learned to worship in a very short time, won’t be…. What if she suddenly enjoys pressing the remote control? It does not require much as a reason, except your desire. The verbal eroticism that you skillfully let flow in again and again, does in my case exactly what it should, and probably more than I thought. It stimulates imagination, stirs up desires, plays little nasty games with my thoughts, probably brings me to exactly the point you have intended.

Getting my MakeUp done by someone who knows their craft as perfectly as you do feels very nice. I’m already looking forward to when we expand and extend this.

I would not have dreamed that it has so excited me, so lastingly shaped, as you have undertaken last time the butt of your sissy available to you. The moment you said that my ******* is about to turn, I was overcome by anticipation, lust, greed, and impatience. I knew I would like it, but not that I would feel this way at the thought of it. The moment you entered me, my head stopped working. I simply enjoyed it. The fact that you let me know that you liked it too means a lot to me personally. I didn’t fully realize it at that exact moment, that came a little later.
From here on, you finally “captured” me. From here on, I only wanted to please, to make my Mistress proud, to meet your requirements. Follow each of your instructions and your wishes, preferably more than fulfill them. At the same time save every tip, every instruction, implement it and never forget it again. The idea in my head solidifies as I am sent by you on the trestle, should kneel down, and my boots should stretch up. I notice how I run out past the gag, like a little drooling slut. But to go with that , my panties are getting wet, and I notice how I’m starting to leak elsewhere too, and that’s before you f**k me. “Yes, it’s just the right idea to let Mistress Tess mold me into a sissy. If I’m good, I may vllt say I’m hers” Interestingly, I didn’t say those words, and shortly after, you said your rules for being a sissy under you. A few weeks ago I would have answered vllt differently, but after I know you, Mistress Tess, and know how it feels to be your toy, I can say with conviction that I implement and follow your condition whenever you want.

That this unspeakably horny feeling can still be topped, you then showed me on the gynchair. The angle was far better for experiencing and enjoying each of your thrusts and made everything more intense. To be able to look at you, to find your gaze while you moved your pelvis…. indescribable. As before, I had to fight tremendously not to come immediately. It wasn’t even like an explosion was building up anymore, with each successive thrust it mutated into an atomic bomb. At this point, to hear that I must not…. For me worse than 100 blows. I couldn’t beg to be allowed thanks to the gag, but I think you knew exactly what I wanted. At least the sparkle in your eyes gave me an answer.
But I learned that I can do it. That I can motivate myself with wanting to prove to you that I enjoy even without an orgasm, that I put my pleasure, for my Mistress in the back.

To be allowed to blow only the small StrapOn of my Mistress at the end was humiliating. But at the same time I enjoyed seeing you sitting in front of me, moving my face so close to my Mistress, practically putting myself in your lap, feeling your hand forcing my head further onto your strapOn. The memory will accompany me longer :-)

Suddenly yet to be allowed…There it was, the permission. That after which I consumed me a felt eternity. I began to just enjoy, to enjoy your beat, to savor every thrust. The greed for more, for deeper, for faster was awakened…. I was probably wrong, the angle was awkward or it just wasn’t meant to be today. In retrospect, I also enjoy the approximately 10 almost experienced highlights in detail.

To get up and follow you, all dressed up in overknees, bra and panties, freshly gefi**t. Is something special. For me it is unspeakably fulfilling to be able to be with you like that, and just be. To experience how you enjoy it, and your head cinema for the next times already begins is uheimlich beautiful.

That I may only satisfy myself like a woman, I will probably continue to practice. To do it under your supervision, to be guided by you. It sounds banal, but it was one of the best orgasms I had. Lying in front of you, rubbing myself…. Actually, a constellation that I would not call particularly exciting. But I was taught better by you.