For me, it is incredibly important that you are reliable and that you actually keep your appointment. Otherwise I will be stuck with the costs that arise when planning a session. I have been horrified to find that there are many subs who find it entertaining to waste my valuable time.

For new clients, a deposit is therefore inevitable. The deposit is anonymous, I send you a barcode, you can show this at any petrol station – drugstore – grocery shop and deposit 50€ after they have scanned it. This code is only valid for one hour so write me one hour before you go there. Then I will send you the code.

If I can’t make the appointment, you will of course get back the deposit of 50€. How do you know I won’t keep the money? Well, you’re about to entrust me with your body, which is worth more than a lousy €50 note. Then this leap of faith should not be too difficult for you.

Furthermore, I would like to make it explicitly clear that it is your responsibility to tell me straight away what is OK for you and what is not in the context of the upcoming session. I want clear communication. You will not get an answer to requests like: “Hello mistress” or “may I ask a question?”, my time is precious and I am too old for gimmicks like previously announced questions.

I am generally available all day on weekends.

So if you want to make me happy, your request includes the following information:

  • Your Kinks
  • Your taboos
  • The time slot and date you want an appointment.

It doesn’t matter if your request is made by phone or in writing. Anyone who mumbles into the receiver or seems dubious will be ignored. Although I may seem very stern and cold, you can assume that I always want the best for both parties, so don’t hesitate to contact me about questions I couldn’t answer on my website. I do not bite.