I had been looking forward to my first session with Miss Tess for a long time. Then, on a Friday, the time had come. A little nervous, I rang the bell at Studio Elegance and, after making my request, was asked to come up to the third floor. Miss Tess opened the door for me. For a moment I was speechless. She looked fantastic. Then I briefly doubted whether I was ready, because in her hand she was holding a stun gun, usually used on livestock. It was obvious that she was going to try it on me.

She asked me to come in and after a short conversation led me into one of the rooms. There I was made to undress and my hands were tied behind my back with steel cuffs. As soon as I was tied Miss Tess began to abuse my cock with various implements. When I cried out in pain, she gagged me and proceeded to put a cuff around my balls and then hang weights from them. The first weight she hung very carefully on the harness, while the second she hooked but then dropped. A sharp pain jerked through my body. Nevertheless, I was very aroused. I was standing naked, bound and gagged in front of an incredibly beautiful woman who was clearly enjoying hurting me. It was like a dream come true.

Miss Tess unlocked my handcuffs, only to immediately cuff my hands in front of my body again, and hook the handcuffs onto a snap hook hanging from the ceiling on a chain. Slowly she pulled on the chain, and with each tug my hands were pulled relentlessly upwards. Eventually I had to stand on my tiptoes while the steel shackles cut into my wrists. The weights continued to pull my genitals down. After a while the cuff came off and for a moment I was released. Only, the peace lasted only a short time, for Miss Tess had put on spiked gloves and was squeezing them relentlessly. She tortured my balls, which she clearly enjoyed, while I tried to keep my genitals safe. However, this was practically impossible as I would have lost contact with the ground otherwise. My screams were only slightly muffled by the gag. After a few minutes, she blindfolded me. I heard the clack of her heels moving away from me. So, for a moment I was safe, even though I was still struggling with the handcuffs. Immediately afterwards I heard footsteps again, this time coming closer. While I was still thinking about what nasty thing she had thought of for me, she poured ice-cold water over me. The shock made me gasp for air as best the gag would somehow allow.

I had barely recovered from my shock when Miss Tess removed my blindfold and gag. She unfastened my handcuffs and ordered me to lie on my back. First she put a collar on me and ordered me to lift my legs. She attached cuffs to my ankles, connected them to a spreader bar, and hooked it into the snap hook. Still a little shaken from the previous ordeal, I did not hold my legs high enough. Suddenly I felt a dull pain, as if someone had hit me on the head with force. There was a stun gun built into the collar! Miss Tess swore at me, and punished me once or twice more with an electric shock. Quickly she pulled the chain, and after a short while I was hanging upside down on the chain, slowly turning on my own axis. After a moment, Miss Tess’s feet, still in high-heeled shoes, came into my field of vision. A dream came true for me. I was hanging by my legs in a room and my mistress’s beautiful feet were right in front of my face as she stopped my gyrations. She sat down on the chair in front of me. As I looked up from her feet, she held the cattle prod in her hand, aiming it at my cock. The cold metal of the electrodes touched my cock from both sides as she reproached me for being a miserable slave. Full of fear, I apologised and begged for mercy. However, this did not appease her. She alternately gave me electric shocks through the collar and with the cattle prod on my genitals. She stopped for a moment, stood in front of me and ordered me to kiss her feet. Greedily, I stretched my neck and kissed my mistress’s feet stuck in her high heels.

After an almost endless time, Miss Tess lowered me back to the floor and unfastened both the cuffs and the spreader bar.I had to lie on my stomach and she cuffed my hands behind my back. Then she took a strong rope and tied my ankles together. I lay on the floor with my hands and feet tied! With another rope she tied my legs and wrists together and pulled the rope tight. All of a sudden I was lying on the floor completely motionless and defenceless. Miss Tess, meanwhile, was sitting in an armchair next to me, asking me to swear allegiance to her. Breathlessly, I vowed to be her slave and to obey all her commands. However, she was dissatisfied with what I had said and began to punish me with blows on the soles of my feet. I lay motionless in front of her on my stomach, trying not to scream, for with each loud scream I was reminded by a jolt of electricity that I was not to scream. The pain was so intense that after a while I began to whimper, vowing to serve her unconditionally.

After what seemed like an endless time, Miss Tess decided that enough was enough. She loosened my bonds, and placing a cushion one of the chairs, sat down and ordered me to get on my knees in front of her. By now I had only one desire, to obey her. As soon as I knelt in front of her, she ordered me to take off her shoes and massage her feet. First I took her right foot in both hands, took off the shoe, and began to massage the soles with my hands. She had wonderfully tender feet and I felt like I was in paradise. I knelt in front of this breathtakingly beautiful woman who had just tortured me to the bone and massaged her foot. Enthusiastically and excitedly, I kneaded her foot. However, a mishap happened to me. I momentarily shifted my weight and held onto her leg while I continued massaging. “Did you just pull on my leg?” I was asked in a harsh voice. Before I could answer, a jolt of electricity shot through my neck. And another. “Will you please concentrate”. No further prompting was needed, for one thing I wanted to avoid another surge at all costs, but more importantly I had the privilege of massaging a wonderful woman’s perfect feet. After a few minutes, the mistress ordered me to turn my attention to the other foot. Carefully, I took her left foot in my hand and began to massage it. With both hands I kneaded this perfect, wonderfully soft foot for a few minutes, starting from the tip to the heel. And back. This was what I had always dreamed of and I forgot the time. How could this get any better? It could. “And now I want you to suck my toes.” the Mistress commanded. As if in a dream, I bent forward and took the first toe into my mouth, sucking and licking it devotedly. Little by little I took each toe into my mouth and spoiled it with my tongue. After I had licked each of these beautiful toes extensively with my tongue, I extended my caresses. I ran my tongue between each of her toes and licked them extensively. For me, this was the fulfilment of a dream and the absolute highlight of the day!