A first time at Elegance

Although only two weeks had passed since our last meeting, I already missed Mistress Tess deeply. Since I feared that I would probably not be able to visit my mistress in the next 1-2 months, I asked her for a session in Munich. Fortunately, Mistress Tess still had room for me, and so I was allowed to visit her for an hour. “I’ll use you nicely for an hour, and then I’ll send you home again” was the comment. “Home” is about a 2.5 hour drive from Munich. But that didn’t matter to me at all.

For me, it was the first visit to Elegance, and the first impression was definitely positive. The weather was very pleasant, and then of course the play area (terrace) is a dream. When I went up the stairs to the 3rd floor, I saw Mistress Tess already standing in the doorway.
As always when I see her again, my breath was taken away for a moment. Elegant lingerie, a transparent body and her red/black killer heels! A dream.

We didn’t have much time, so the greeting was a little shorter.
I handed her the flowers and a few small gifts, then I had to follow my mistress on all fours. After the righteous greeting, during which I was allowed to kiss her shoes, I had to undress. As instructed by my mistress, I wore a pair of ladies’ panties and penis cage. I had to keep these on. The cage was not removed at all. With this, Mistress Tess once again emphasised her power and that my fulfilment should come from serving, not through an erection or orgasm. First my ass was spanked with the paddle, not as punishment but rather as training to endure the pain. Mistress Tess knows where my pain threshold is, maybe a little above it, but also knows exactly when I can’t take it anymore.

I was exhibited (with mask) in the corridor and my balls were tortured. It was quite painful when Mistress Tess tried to castrate me with the door of the cage. I was a bit surprised by the look of satisfaction on her face, but it was definitely worth the pain! Back in the first room, an electric collar was put on me and I had to lie down on the floor.
Mistress Tess takes a seat on my face with her perfect body. As she activates the shock I scream quite uncontrollably.

My screams are muffled by the most beautiful buttocks. She seems to like this very much, because the duck on my face is increased, and the shocker is activated again and again…

Next I follow the mistress into another room where she sits down on the throne. My task is to make the mistress laugh. I couldn’t think of anything to do. Telling jokes didn’t work either, my mouth was equipped with a gag. When I was close to despair, the butt plug (which she had placed at the beginning of the session) fell out. This still caused a little laugh on Mistress’ lips. But it didn’t count, Mistress Tess said. For next time, I’ll have to think of something…

Mistress Tess then disappeared from my sight for a moment. I guessed that she was “filling” the drinking bowl, which was true. I had to follow her, again on all fours, to the terrace. Here she put the bowl on the floor and I was allowed to drink her delicious champagne.
Not a punishment for me, but a reward and Mistress Tess knows that!
On the terrace I was exhibited at the pillory and fucked properly by my mistress. I love her closeness, her scent and commanding voice. Mistress whispered in my ear what she could do to me in this position without me being able to defend myself. I hope she doesn’t mean it all….

Like a well-bred whore, I sucked the cock properly afterwards before Mistress Tess sent me to the shower. After the session, there was still enough time for goodbyes and some small talk. Mistress Tess went over the agreed hour by quite a bit, but the session seemed much longer than the 90 minutes it ended up being.

Thank you my dear Mistress Tess