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Blind devotion

Dear Tess, Firstly, I would like to thank you again for our session on Wednesday. I had no idea what to expect but it was just perfect. What you did with me and how you did it completely flashed me. I think on a scale of 0 to 10, if [...]

2022-09-16T10:34:08+02:0027. August 2022|Comments Off on Blind devotion

Message to the Goddess

Venerable Mistress Tess! Allow me to put down on paper my thoughts on today's session. First of all, I must confess that until noon today I did not feel any nervousness or anything else. However, the closer it got to 4pm, the more nervous and anxious I became. In order not to [...]

2022-09-16T10:34:28+02:0022. August 2022|Comments Off on Message to the Goddess

The punishment

  I had been looking forward to my first session with Miss Tess for a long time. Then, on a Friday, the time had come. A little nervous, I rang the bell at Studio Elegance and, after making my request, was asked to come up to the third floor. Miss [...]

2022-09-16T10:35:29+02:0024. July 2022|Comments Off on The punishment

The torture

A first time at Elegance Although only two weeks had passed since our last meeting, I already missed Mistress Tess deeply. Since I feared that I would probably not be able to visit my mistress in the next 1-2 months, I asked her for a session in Munich. Fortunately, Mistress [...]

2022-09-16T10:39:14+02:0010. April 2022|Comments Off on The torture

Review von Valentin

Hello Tess, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time with you today. It was so much better and so much more than I expected, and not just because there were suddenly two of you. With the it was by far the most wonderful experience I've had so [...]

2022-09-16T10:39:47+02:003. April 2022|Comments Off on Review von Valentin

4 Hours- 4 Emotions

Four hours in "FEMDOM" paradise Today was another time the excitement, as the time approached by I would see my Mistress Tess again. Today I had the great fortune to have agreed a whole 4 hours with this unique lady. Since I always like to give gifts to the mistress, [...]

2022-09-16T10:41:12+02:001. April 2022|Comments Off on 4 Hours- 4 Emotions

Review from Dora

Sooo Tess I'm on the train now and my butt still feels your handiwork. The people around me must notice that I was just mercilessly taken through!? First of all, thank you for the session! It was really a super cool experience and I beam with happiness to have asked [...]

2022-09-16T10:42:05+02:0029. March 2022|Comments Off on Review from Dora

Review from Switzerland – Der Femdom

Meeting with Mistress Tess - Day 1 Finally today was the day I would meet Mistress Tess in person. After months of "watching" I had found the courage 3 weeks ago to write Mistress Tess and apply for a session (in FemDom). Inspired by various stories in which slaves chauffeur [...]

2022-04-04T18:26:14+02:0030. January 2022|Comments Off on Review from Switzerland – Der Femdom
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