The high-powered cowboy an the court of arbitration!

Before I met my mistress Mistress Tess, I lived out my inclination with different ladies. For this purpose, I got the various toys myself and took them with me to the sessions, some of which took place in private.

As a masochistic, fearless hero, I bought myself an electric cattle prod at that time. A normal stun gun seemed to be something for sissies. The thought of being tortured by a mistress with it provided me with sexual stimuli. However, these stimuli only lasted until the first use of the device! Just touching a metallic object with the electrodes caused a violent sparking, accompanied by a bang. When I tried it myself on my calf, the muscle twitched so strongly and painfully that I fell over from a standing position! I came to the conclusion that I would never give the thing into the hands of a mistress! Holy Moly was that a hell of a device! Off to the attic with it, lest anyone get any ideas.

For years, the banished devil’s stuff was stored in the attic. In the meantime, Mistress Tess took care of me. I humbly adore this beautiful mistress! She embodies everything I have ever looked for in a mistress. My submission went as if by itself, I don’t remember to have mentioned any preferences either. This beautiful mistress knows her craft perfectly! So I never know what will happen in a real meeting. I enjoy every encounter with this beautiful personality, being alone in the same room with Mistress Tess means everything to me.

This devotion is accompanied by blind trust in my mistress. It occurred to me that Mistress Tess might have a use for the cattle prod. My question was answered in the affirmative and I emphasised several times that this thing was very extreme. It should also not be used near organs, I instructed the mistress. I handed the gift to my goddess with the clear indication: “This is too extreme for me!”. I was sure that one of Mistress Tess’ slaves would be able to cope with this device.

One day I was allowed to pick up my beloved Goddess from a studio and chauffeur her home. I perform these services for my mistress with great pleasure. The car was washed and then I set off for Zurich. The journey would take six hours and so I left early! After all, you don’t keep a Mistress waiting and certainly not Mistress Tess! The weather made my journey increasingly difficult, however, as vehicles kept getting stuck in the snow flurries. The snowy road did not allow for high speeds. Shocked, I watched my sat nav counting up the arrival time. I’m going to be late, and probably by an hour!

After seven hours I finally reached the studio “Der FemDom” in Zurich. I already knew the way through the building, after all I had dropped Mistress Tess off here a few days earlier. With a pounding heart, I rang the bell at the front door. My eagerly awaited mistress opened the door for me. Dressed in leather pants and a jumper, she was already ready to leave. In her hand, however, she held the stun gun I had given her days before. I wanted to apologise, but my mistress ordered me: “Come with me!“ She led me into the studio through a long corridor to the dome. The dome was a particularly large room that left nothing to be desired. All the equipment was arranged in this, extremely tastefully furnished studio. “Undress and come crawling to me!”. Hastily I removed my clothes while my goddess took a seat on the sofa next to the fireplace. “Come faster and greet me properly!”. On all fours I covered the path and my testicles were so plump from the castity cage that they prevented me from moving. I kissed the ankle boots of my mistress with longing.

Despite my heartfelt devotion, a great fear always accompanied me. Finally Mistress Tess was still holding the cattle prod and she stroked my back with the electrodes. “Mmmmy goddess, sorry I’m late, lady!”, I stammered. I can’t remember when I have ever been so afraid of punishment. Constantly my mistress ran the electrodes over my back, at any moment she could have electrocuted me. “We’ll see what the other ladies have to say about that!” was the curt reply as Mistress Tess rose. “Come along!” it rang in my ear. On all fours I crawled after my Mistress back into the corridor. The corridor seemed to be endless and the floor shone as if freshly polished. The whole refuge gave me extra respect! “Stop! You do not look up, do you understand!? Woe is you!” her words echoed through the corridor. I crouched naked and defenceless in this long hall and had to present my ass. With a firm grip, Mistress Tess checked my swollen testicles. “Very good! They are nice and plump and just right for what I have in mind for you!”. Of course the lady noticed my fear and I asked the mistress again in a low voice not to use the cattle prod on me.

All the begging and pleading didn’t help. All the ladies who were in the studio gathered around me. There may have been four or five mistresses, I couldn’t tell exactly, because I didn’t dare look up. “Very nice! A naked slave’s ass in the aisle! What’s he been up to?”, I heard one lady say while the others giggled amusedly at me. “He’s been late! By an hour, late!!!” retorted Mistress Tess. “Of course that must be punished!”, I heard another Mistress say while a pain ran through me a moment later. My leg tipped away and I could not keep myself on all fours. Mistress Tess stood with full weight on the back of my hand to fix me. The tread of Her divine shoes drew a beautiful pattern on my skin. A Lady took a seat on my back. “You will make sure I don’t fall down!!!”, I was ordered. Another electric shock hit my backside and I struggled hard not to collapse. “Please, please don’t!”, I pleaded as I realised the electrodes were touching my balls. A sharp pain suddenly pierced my brain and sweat dripped from my forehead. Each lady gave me several electric shocks and I reached the limit of my endurance, or so I thought.

Whimpering and trembling, I endured the punishments, always making sure that I kept my balance. The lady on my back was not allowed to fall. In my mind I was exactly where I always wanted to be in a session! The overload of my mind did not allow any other thought. This tension is like wellness for my slave soul, a time-out from the everyday thoughts that were now fully repressed.

After this ordeal, I thanked these beautiful ladies! “The FemDom” is the most beautiful SM temple I know. Whereby the designation “temple” seems particularly appropriate to me, as the most sublime goddesses reside here. I came out of this session invigorated, as I always do when I serve Mistress Tess. My Mistress knows exactly how to treat me. The rest of the day I was allowed to serve Mistress Tess at a spa, but that is another beautiful story!🥰