I am Christoph, come from Munich. Lately I have found more and more pleasure in bizarre erotic role-playing. To pursue this hobby, I am a regular guest in a very elegant studio in the north of Munich, there I visit with some regularity ladies who specialize in bizarre role-playing.

During one of my last visits, I was presented to the other ladies in the studio as part of a role play by my lady at the time, among others Mistress Tess was there. I recognized her right away, I already knew the photos of Mistress Tess, she already caught my eye at the team presentation on the studio website, but until then there was no meeting, what a mistake.

With photos everyone knows that between the photo and the person often exists a huge difference. Not every person in real life keeps what a photo promises. With Mistress Tess it is rather the other way around.
The photos show an attractive woman with very beautiful eyes, what the pictures cannot show is the charisma of this young woman, the aura that surrounds her, the penetrating look with which Mistress Tess has her counterpart absolutely under control, the voice where no one dares to contradict.

For me, in any case, it was a very drastic experience to meet this lady, I could no longer concentrate on the current session. It was immediately clear that I must make an appointment with Mistress Tess at short notice. This also worked out via e-mail without any problems. I made an appointment proposal, mentioned my preferences and taboos, Mistress Tess still wanted to know the theme for the role play, then the date would be fixed.

When the time finally came, I stood there on time and rang the bell at the studio, with a stern voice I was asked to come to the 3rd floor. It was immediately clear to me that the role play begins at the studio door.
Arrived on the 3rd floor, the door opens and a lady, who introduced herself as my new personnel manager, asked me to enter. Dressed was Mistress Tess in an office – look (short skirt, tight top) a perfect middle ground between strict and sexy, you could not see too much, but the imagination was given free rein.
The personnel manager explained to me that female colleagues had complained about me, my behavior towards women was said to have not always been appropriate.

To punish me for my behavior, I was taken to a cabinet, there I was alone with the personnel manager, thus unconditionally at her mercy. I had to strip naked in front of the personnel manager and let her examine me, I was strictly fixed so that I am helpless and defenseless at the personnel manager’s mercy, so I was used and abused by her. In the course of the role play, the personnel manager also got rid of one or the other piece of clothing, so certain insights resulted. I was forbidden to gape at the breasts of the personnel manager and you can believe me, I only dared to look when I felt unobserved.
But that didn’t help, I was punished anyway.

Unfortunately, the one hour I had booked was over way too quickly.
Mistress Tess had absolute control over me the whole time, her authority was so realistic, you forgot it was a role play.
One thing I know for sure, as an employee I need a few more interviews with this HR manager.