Four hours in “FEMDOM” paradise

Today was another time the excitement, as the time approached by I would see my Mistress Tess again.
Today I had the great fortune to have agreed a whole 4 hours with this unique lady.
Since I always like to give gifts to the mistress, I had some with me again today.
Mostly I talk with Mistress Tess before which gifts I buy for you, I’m not your only slave and the danger exists of course,
that she already has many things. Today I had two things with me, of which she knew only rudimentarily, and I was very curious after your reaction.
Punctually at the appointed time I waited in the car and when the okay came from the mistress, I moved hurriedly to the entrance.
As always, my pulse was elevated by quite a bit, and when this goddess opened the door, it stopped completely for a short time.
It is unbelievable how I am taken by surprise by her beauty every time I meet her. It actually seems to me as if she is becoming more and more beautiful!
Her hair she wore today open, under your transparent blouse a very elegant bra, plus a black mini and rounded off with a few red-black “killer heels”.
No stockings, which would make me very happy especially a little later!

Mistress Tess greeted me warmly and commanded me to follow her.
I already knew the way. Arrived in the beautiful loft, I was first allowed to sit next to the mistress on the sofa and give her the gifts.
I was glad to be able to take so much time. I chose the order carefully and was very excited after her reaction when I handed her the specially made, personalized, leather paddle and the classic Louboutin’s.
Mistress Tess is, to my knowledge, always honest, so it made me very happy to see her so happy about the two items.
Especially the Louboutin’s (Kate 100, Nude for the connoisseurs among us) pleased her very much, I think
Dressed in the suit, I was still sitting on the sofa when I was ordered to kneel in front of the Mistress. Mistress Tess wanted to try on the shoes.
I was allowed to take off her high heels and touch her bare feet, even got permission to kiss them, which I did with much abandon.
The Louboutin’s fit well and looked fantastic on her! After a short trial run, she switched to some patent overknees.
Now I was allowed to strip down.
Mistress Tess immediately put a KG around me and first I was allowed to follow you through the hall,
The task was always to kiss the floor where your heels touched it. I could unfortunately not follow fast enough, which was of course punished later.

This was followed by an hour-long explosion of emotions and feelings. I already worship this goddess deeply and she notices that.

Mistress Tess tried to teach me some cock control while she took my breath away with her perfect ass.
I was fixed and she tried out the new paddle extensively.
In the tight Maids uniform I was allowed to make you coffee and serve, whereby we are of course also encountered other ladies in the kitchen.
But I didn’t really notice them, because I always kept my eyes on the floor or the wall.
I was allowed to slurp Mistress’ wonderful nectar from a bowl on the floor as refreshment several times…

When Mistress Tess harnessed me to drive her, sitting in the car, through the FemDom, I made a huge mistake!
While trying to open the door (my hands were equipped with “hooves”), I lost control of the car.
The car tipped over backwards and of course my Mistress Tess too! Fortunately, she was not hurt, just very frightened.
I was emotionally very upset by this incident, although I realized how much Mistress Tess means to me.
Of course I was punished extensively, but it was not nearly what I deserved! Mistress Tess has shown a lot of mercy.

With red bottoms, Mistress then locked me in the cage and took a break. I was left alone to think over my sins.

Upon your return, Mistress Tess took a lot of time and effort to transform me into a whore in a skin tight dress, stockings and high red patent boots.
She even applied makeup and taught me how to address, on the line, suitors! Really talented I was not, but still Mistress Tess has rewarded me and wonderfully spoiled with your strap-on. Full of devotion you have me durchgef*** and moan,
where you stimulated my clitoris with the Magic Wand and brought to squirt.

After the shower I got to talk to Mistress Tess for a bit and was able to go downstairs, after which we said our goodbyes.
It is impossible to put into words how I feel for this goddess and adore her! As soon as the door closes behind me, I already miss your closeness.

Unbelievable. Fulfilled. Beautiful. Safe…

Thank you Mistress Tess