Hello Tess,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time with you today. It was so much better and so much more than I expected, and not just because there were suddenly two of you. With the it was by far the most wonderful experience I’ve had so far in the clinic setting. Thank you so much for that!

It already started when you opened the door and your appearance and your outfit were just breathtaking. Add to that your personable and open nature and your sensitive handling of the “torture” instruments… you are just perfect. Perfect was also to see you in the wet room from below. Even more exciting than your cleavage, even if that is almost impossible to top. I wasn’t afraid to look at you, by the way. I was only afraid of not being able to take my eyes off you.

That could have easily happened and staring at you all the time might have seemed a bit strange ;-) If you ever feel like coming to the US, let me know. I would take you with me immediately. And if not, we’ll definitely see each other again the next time I’m in Munich.