It was Thursday evening when I received a request. The client wanted me to meet him in his hotel room, he already had everything with him, they said. As he was a first-time client, I was prepared for anything, and I had already notified a person who could intervene in an emergency. I had a good feeling, which was saying a lot, as I had always been able to rely on my premonitions until now.

It was a 5-star hotel and I hoped for a clientele corresponding to that. Once there, the sub greeted me appropriately. He had already been waiting for me devoutly, just as I had ordered him, on all fours like a miserable, impatient puppy waiting for its mistress. On the king-size bed were all the utensils I needed for the chastisement.

That night the little puppy lost his innocence. He started kissing my high heels and sucking my toes. “Did I give you permission to do that?!” and there was a huge slap. His face fat moved and I got the feeling that the puppy must be a piglet after all. The puppy whimpered. Then I said investigatively, “Well, I’ve noticed that you are corpulent. I wonder if there is a fat piglet hiding behind the little puppy’s disguise?” I said. The puppy looks down at the ground in shame. “I think a muster is inevitable, take off all your clothes!”. The fat something moved very spherically, my suspicions intensified.

What was now emerging was a fleshy, undefined pig. I just shook my head. The fat pig grunted out of embarrassment. “Your uncontrolled eating will end from today and you will now be held accountable for it!”, “Spread your legs and bend forward.”

The pig, of course, did as he was ordered. I leisurely put on my gloves and looked for the appropriate tool. With clamps I studded his pig’s testicle and could not refrain from giving him a juicy smack with the paddle. “That you’re not ashamed of your appearance,” he winced. I spat purposefully on his head, polishing his bald head with it. “Also, so that I can make sure you eat less, I have to make sure you sit with difficulty”.

Determined, I fetched various plugs and started with the smallest one. He trembled expectantly. With the first plug he made no move, so I praised Him, “That’s a good boy, don’t move.” What happened next was sadistic, I skipped two sizes and took a plug twice as big. His pig eyes widened and I had to giggle. His posture changed and he withdrew from my hand. That was a fatal mistake. I replied, “So you want to be a big boy and rebel?” he grunted again. “Let’s see how you do when you are fixed” I laughed out loud and got the handcuffs plus leash. I tied the leash to the foot of the bed and looped it so that he would strangle himself if he tried to pull it out.

I secured his arms behind his back with a cross handcuff. I triumphantly held the biggest plug I had at my disposal in front of his pig nose and lubricated it with lube. His expression changed and panic appeared on his pig face. “Don’t worry, I’ll take my time with it”. I tied his balls tightly into a dumpling with rope too, telling him that was necessary so I wouldn’t have to see them. I inserted the plug slowly and saw that this obviously excited him. “Your nub is standing up, that’s disgusting, I’d better lock it up,” I took the plug out halfway and reached for the penis cage instead, now banging his nub until it fit into the tiny cage. Since he couldn’t keep his pig mouth shut, I gave him an additional mouth plug. “You wouldn’t have it any other way” I said sternly as I tightened the strap to the back of his head. Now I could continue Operation Pig Cunt undisturbed.

The plug was so huge that I found the idea almost absurd, I had to laugh again.

The pig tried to resist, it was stupid and unsuccessful. “If you resist, we’ll go straight to the strap-on,” suddenly his tubby body stiffened. His pig cunt was now stretched to the max but was still missing a bit, so I applied more pressure and lo and behold, no hole seemed too small. The pig grunted and I said with satisfaction, “See, it fits beautifully,” only now noticing mucus running out of his cage. “If you think I don’t notice you’ve leaked, you’re not only stupid as hell but naive too, now I’m keeping both keys.”

Again, panic and horror spread across his fat face. I had to laugh at the sight. I untied him and said he could have the keys back if he fasted consistently for a week. The pig nodded dazedly. Finally I said, “And the plug stays in until tomorrow morning, do you understand?”, his double chin wobbled as he nodded.

I freed his testicles and head from the restrictions and headed home.