There are days when I am in a gaming mood. Sometimes you just need entertainment, for many it’s enough to turn on the TV. For me, that was never an option, because that is the legitimisation of laziness. So I spontaneously booked a room in a local studio. After all, you can always find a slave to play with. So I wrote to several at the same time with the same request, and the slave who answered first was allowed into the playroom.

I drove off and put on what I felt most comfortable with. High heels and latex clothes. Once there, I put two apples and a cookie cutter on the floor, next to a bowl of water. Now I sat down on my throne and waited. I hadn’t fixed an exact time, it was only important to me that he arrived as soon as possible. Five minutes later he arrived, rushed and completely out of breath, and immediately knelt in front of my shiny heels. He already knew my greeting well, “E-excuse me,” he whistled from his cunt mouth. I didn’t dignify him with a glance. “You maggot know you are much too late?”, “Yes mistress, but we didn’t agree on a fixed time…”, he said. I knew he had a big problem now, only I wondered why he didn’t realise that.

“What did I tell you about the word ‘but’?” he looked down at the floor, frightened and ashamed.

“Strip,” I hissed at him. He fidgeted wildly and frantically undressed his pitiful body. Now he had to lie flat on the floor and with each lash of the whip on his hairy ass, press a kiss to my heels. To make the situation seem more hopeless, I specifically didn’t mention how many lashes he was being subjected to. With each blow he pinched his ass tighter, which didn’t help. Now I stopped and left him lying on the floor, panting expectantly. He knew he was not allowed to get up without permission. I whispered, “Now be a good boy and wash the apples behind you, afterwards I want you to core them,” he nodded and got straight to work. I sat back on my throne to watch the action in comfort. It would only have taken 2 apples, but I had prepared 5. He had finished and looked up at me expectantly, “What? Am I supposed to be proud of your work? A 6 year old could have done better than that.”, his initially victorious attitude slumped again. I had to laugh out loud at this scene. This often happened to me during sessions. Now I got a rope and tied it tightly around his balls, to which I attached a leash. The leash was attached to the wall, which had a special hook that looked like a dog leash in front of a supermarket. His expression changed and he begged me: “Mistress, please! What are you doing?” I said: “Stop whining, you pussy”, I climbed with my heels into the holes I had punched in the apples before, then I positioned myself directly in front of him and ordered: “eat up well”.

He beamed all over his face and took a juicy bite. “Na na na, not so greedy” I said callously and took a big leap forward. He tried with all his might to move forward and his testicles stretched immeasurably. He squealed in pain and I grinned in amusement. Finally, in great pain, he managed to get a second bite.

The one apple now had such a big hole in it that I couldn’t do anything with it, so I ordered him to masturbate on this apple remnant in 10 seconds. It didn’t take 5 seconds and he squirted on the battered apple. “You know we don’t waste anything?” I said admonishingly. He knew what to do now and pressed the rest of the apple into his greedy mouth with great nausea. I laughed out loud and lunged forward again, I didn’t care if he came yet, I wanted to keep playing. So he dragged himself to my feet under great strain, his testicles by now looking like a flying squirrel. I stepped on his fingers and said “eat up good”. He squealed like a puppy that had just had its tail pinched. But his fear of the next punishment was so great that he ate the apple to the bitter end.

Now I untied him and stroked him for his performance, he thanked me devotedly and disappeared with his clothes into the changing room.