Why I became a dominatrix.

Many of you heard the call early on. It’s not just subs, dominas also find themselves in their role at an early age. I remember that even in my childhood, I was a bit of a nuisance because I was so stubborn and domineering. This also continued. Unfortunately and accordingly, adaptability was never my strong point. It is not easy to be an authoritarian. Many men feel intimidated by my presence, even though I am such a petite lady. In my dream imagination there was a place where only I could determine how things worked :-) So I did everything to escape reality, spurred on by my monetary drive and my high willingness to create new experiences, all components of my ego came to the decision to venture into the world of BDSM. In retrospect, the best decision of my life. In the course of my posts you will read many reports of these experiences, and then you can freely decide for yourself which one was the first :-)

Dominance has a different meaning and effect for everyone.

For me it is the balance to my otherwise so regimented life. I need to live out my authority in order to be able to act appropriately in everyday life. I think that many of my long-time friends would say that my decision was predictable, as I have always behaved bizarrely and am a pure eccentric. I don’t think my appeal has a bitter aftertaste. What keeps many people away from me is not my unconventional horizons but their limited view of my free will. Everything that moves me to be a dominatrix I draw from my heart and I welcome you to it.

Greetings Tess