Sooo Tess I’m on the train now and my butt still feels your handiwork. The people around me must notice that I was just mercilessly taken through!?
First of all, thank you for the session! It was really a super cool experience and I beam with happiness to have asked you! I think if you continue to take Dora by her gentle little hands like today, she will thaw out completely! You have seen how shy and stiff I am but that will change with your help in the next sessions. I really liked everything. The stretching of my tight boy pussy, your strap-on in me, the Heeeels 😍, the blast training, the striptease, the instruction to use my voice appropriately, the command to kneel down and play with my clit until I squirted in my skirt. And not to forget your constant dirty talk, your comments, your looks and your skillful movements underpinned the mixture of care, encouragement and the dominant nature which you brought to me. I find it hard to put into words, but treating me as the inexperienced, naive Dora to whom you show the world and where you also exploit my naivety for your pleasure is incredibly exciting. The future scenarios that you have described to me and which will still await me, pop up randomly in my head every now and then and my body runs through a feeling of anticipation and nervousness.