My name is H. I live my simple life as a family man. Superficially only, because actually I have carried the deep desire for delivery and pain within me all my life. Since childhood I have been aware that bondage, humiliation and pain arouse me. Growing up, the internet was not yet available and so one struggled with newspaper advertisements. It sometimes took two weeks to make contact and without a mobile phone one’s communication was severely limited. In Vienna, an SM initiative was founded, which I joined immediately, of course. Club evenings were held in the back room of an inn where one could indulge one’s inclination.

I would describe myself as an old S&M man who never found a real mistress. Nowadays you can exhaust all the possibilities of communication. Of course, I immediately started to use the relevant portals and websites. Registered on many websites, I also got involved with Moneydom. I often fell for fakes and was ripped off. I was actually about to close my Twitter account when two beautiful eyes looked at me from a tweet. They literally fixed me and I couldn’t help but open the post. “You looked inside and now you have to pay 7 Euros!” was written under the portrait of a beautiful lady! Her name was Mistress Tess and her divine face seemed to me to have been drawn by a master painter. With my heart pounding, I immediately transferred a voucher worth 20 euros. What happened next I have never experienced before. A conversation began in which I forgot everything around me! I could only breathe, nothing more. Even during the following sessions via Skype, I couldn’t pronounce a straight sentence.

Until then, I had always submitted to a mistress only to the extent that I still retained some control. Hidden behind a nickname, the bizarre experiences always remained anonymous. The encounter with Mistress Tess was fateful and trend-setting for me. This goddess looks directly into my slave soul and I give everything away. The feeling of losing control puts me in a state I had always longed for. Mistress Tess is the answer to all my questions, she is my light on which I burn myself. This graceful beauty cultivates a dominance that is changeable and from which I cannot free myself. Almost the word “goddess” seems too small for this petite, black elf! I realise that I am lost and have forgotten the way out of the labyrinth. Trapped in Mistress Tess’s spider’s web, I literally long for the fatal bite. But I wait in vain, for my exalted queen delights in my defencelessness.

Having become a sacrificial animal, my mistress shows me my place and my worth. My enslavement has long since gone beyond a game. The goddess breaks my boundaries and I swim in a sea of dominance. Deeper and deeper I dive and I am aware that the way up remains blocked. Even after being enslaved for a year now, my hands tremble as I write these lines.

Mistress Tess is something you have to experience – words are not enough to describe her. One quickly runs out of attributes and superlatives. I have no possibility to control anything, not with money and not verbally, that is what distinguishes a goddess. As if by magic, all resistance in me was extinguished. My mistress is always aware of the power she has over me. With a strict hand she leads me through a fulfilled slave life. I gratefully accept every chastisement, no matter how painful it may be! I realise that everything Mistress Tess does is for my own good. It is only through this Goddess that I have learned, after a very long journey through life, what submission and enslavement really mean!

Thank you my Mistress Tess for allowing me to be your slave!