Right before I moved, I had the idea to take the chance to use my space before relocating.

I set up high-pressure lights, a desk and two folding chairs.

I covered the cold walls with acoustic foam. Now I needed the defendant and a slave guard to make my fantasy a reality.

A slave guard was quickly found, I asked one of the students who were drooling over my ass for free assignments. The victim was all the easier to find. What slave wouldn’t want to join my dungeon?

Both were to turn up at 9pm, a time when few people disappear into the basement. Both arrived clueless and on time: “Good day Mistress Tess”, “Do you both have a memory disorder, it is already night!”, I corrected them sternly. They both looked at each other questioningly, neither of these clowns was receptive. This is the reason for my fee, the amount of stupidity I am subjected to is otherwise out of proportion to my precious time.

I led my victim into the cell, then explained to my guard in a whispering voice: “If anyone comes, you let me know beforehand, if you fail, I’ll cut off your mini dick”, he nodded swallowing. Now I could devote myself entirely to the other slave’s soul. He was already sitting on the massive folding chair and gazing at me in awe. I closed the door I had padded and looked at him for 5 minutes, not saying a word. Then I put a canister of café on the table, put on my sunglasses and turned on the lights. He wanted to put his arms in front of his face, blinded, I beat him to it and fixed his arms to the chair. “Don’t blink,” I said coldly. He blinked. That was a mistake, I got clamps and spread his pig eyes, he resisted and turned his head wildly back and forth. Then it was a slap in the face. “You are not to blink, I said,” now he held still.

“I know about your dirty secret,” I said in a shrewd voice. Now he spoke up, “Mistress…”, the second slap. “Stop lying,” I said calmly. “But I…”, now came the third slap. I laughed at his helpless expression, he just couldn’t do anything right. I put a funnel in his mouth and poured half a litre of café into it. You could see that he was making a real effort to meet my demands. He took a deep breath. “You know we’re both going to sit here until you confess,” again I had to laugh. He looked a little frightened. Now he took another breath and said uncertainly, “Mistress, I really don’t know what I have done wrong,” I stared at him knowingly. “I don’t like your attitude at all, let’s see what your additute is like in 2 hours”, I fastened the mouth gag and left him alone. As I passed the guard, he just stared at me. “Make sure he shuts up”, with those words I went to my flat, ran a bath, almost forgetting my command in the basement.

After three hours, I went back downstairs. My guard greeted me sincerely and I had to laugh at this ridiculous sight.