It was an evening when I was really horny and I longed for a mistress who would take me under her wing in the future. So I started searching the internet for a merciless mistress who was also looking for a devoted slave.

After some surfing, I came across the ad of Mistress Tess, who needs slaves to transport furniture or smaller furnishings, which of course have to be bought by a slave beforehand and brought to her flat.

The picture of Mistress Tess was simply divine and overwhelming, so I immediately set to work writing her a message. I couldn’t help it because that look told me, kneel down slave piece, write to me and become my devoted slave!

The next day when I opened my email box, I could hardly believe my eyes, because this divine mistress had actually replied to me and given me the chance to do a task for her as a starter. At first she wrote to me that I only had to perform tasks for her and nothing else. I was then allowed to communicate with my divine mistress Tess via WhatsApp, where she repeatedly put me in my place as to what I should and should not do. Now the first order followed in the form of a task that expensive objects had to be collected. This was a desk made of mango wood which I of course had to pay for and bring to my goddess. I arranged everything and made an appointment with my mistress to deliver this desk to her.

My mistress Tess asked me about my circumstances, what I could pay her monthly, told me her address and said goodbye.

On the agreed date, I appeared at my goddess’s with the table I had picked up earlier and dragged it up the stairs to her flat. I was then allowed to put it down in the living room and greet her duly with shoe kisses. After that, she gave me a few more tasks

I had to do in her flat, which I did with great devotion and pride for my mistress. Afterwards I was allowed to kiss her shoes and soles, say goodbye and leave the flat.

I felt like I was in a trance, because from the moment I saw my mistress Tess in reality, my brain switched off and I could only function at the sight of this goddess, because in reality she looks even more adorable, sublime and divine than on the photos which already bring you to your knees. In addition, her commanding voice, which penetrates the slave brain like velvet, makes you fall for her from the first second. From that moment on I realised that I would never want to be without her again and that I would hand myself over to her for better or worse, because this goddess became the centre of my life from that moment on!

I thank my Mistress Tess most humbly for this experience, it has given my life a new meaning again, namely to submit to her without contradiction, to obey all her commands, to be grateful for every second she sacrifices to me and to hand over my slave body and spirit to her completely.

I already can’t wait to receive new tasks from my Goddess and to fulfil them conscientiously according to Her requirements!

Thank you my Goddess and Mistress Mistress Tess for accepting me into your slave stable and giving me the prospect of a longer term slave job to serve you. I love you more than anything in the world and will always remain faithful to you!