A cleaning slave for Mistress Tess!


Communication with my subserviently adored Mistress Tess is mainly via Twitter and WhatsApp. Therefore, I was very excited when my Goddess ordered me to the SM Studio where She worked.

My inner turmoil was caused by two facts, firstly because I was allowed to kneel again by my beloved Goddess and secondly because I had never been in an SM studio before. As a slave, it was always strange to me to present a wish list to a mistress, so I considered the procedure in such an institution to be “uniformed SM play”. This is not meant in a derogatory way, because the inclinations in BDSM are known to be diverse and so everyone finds their destiny.

I always lived out my natural inclination outside, in private, and accordingly I also got to know my Mistress Tess via Twitter. For me, this goddess didn’t need high heels or any other fetish clothing. The goddess surrounds you with a charisma that casts a spell! I can still remember exactly our first meeting! Her beauty, intelligence and charm overwhelmed me so much that she had no trouble controlling me with her dominance and sadism.

Now this goddess stood before me in a red latex bodysuit! The cut of the garment made her legs even longer than they already were. The high shoes gave her flawless body a tension equal to that of a ruler. Completely dazed, I kissed this queen’s feet longingly. Should there be a higher being than a goddess? If so, it was this apparition before whom I now cowered.

“Well, someone is longing for me!” her familiar voice reached my ear. “J, yes, my beloved goddess!”, I stammered, overcome with irritation and completely befuddled. I could not stop kissing her feet. It was only when the Lady took a step back that I noticed the things that were in the chamber. A rack, a punishment bench, a chair for rectal examinations, chains, a cage,…. All this made a frightening impression on me. Especially the needles, which were nicely arranged on the table.

“You undress and your place will be here,…!” the mistress walked me back down the corridor to a black box that was not very deep. “Your things will go in here as well as yourself.”. The standing space inside was greatly reduced by the placement of my belongings. “Your job will be to clean when I tell you to. The shower as well as the chamber I work in! Do you understand?”, the tone of your voice became sharp and left no doubt as to the situation I was in!

As the door of the box closed, I had no room to manoeuvre. The confinement also made it very hot very quickly and I began to sweat. I could only hear sounds in a very muffled way because the interior was padded. But the clattering heels of the ladies were unmistakable! Every time a lady passed by, I tried to catch a glimpse of the aisle through the oval opening in the chest area. Pressed against the back wall, I occasionally managed to get a view of the aisle. However, the most I could see was the ladies’ legs up to their knees. Otherwise I had to stand at attention like a soldier. I always had to present my cock through another hole. It was in a penis cage, which was already constricting me!

I had always longed to be imprisoned by the mistress! Since the door was not locked, I managed to open it a crack every now and then to provide some cooling.  However, when I came back to my cramped home after a mission, I noticed a clicking noise! The Goddess has locked the door!!! My Mistress, Mistress Tess, now determined how much freedom I would have. This is the perfect form of dependency, I thought! My mind was going crazy! My cock began to twitch and I now realised how beautiful this kind of delivery is! Thoughts of my Mistress were the only rays of light in my prison. I prayed to my Mistress and brought images and experiences with my Goddess from the past to my mind. This experience had almost an esoteric character!

In the darkness I lost the sense of time and space! It may have been an hour or two that I spent in this darkness. Always one in spirit with my Goddess!!! Anyway, I heard footsteps coming closer again and my excitement increased! The door was opened and now she was standing in front of me again! The adored one said only scarcely: “You know what to do!!!”. I enjoyed the sight of her and the fresh air flowing around me!

There were a few towels, dildos with condoms and needles lying around in the chamber. I eagerly began my tasks. I disposed of and disinfected everything properly. I also made sure that there was no stain of lubricant on the black surface of the furniture. I had to put each utensil in its designated place. I only had to clean the shower and then I went back to my box by myself. Footsteps approached and again I heard that horny clicking sound of the lock.  The mistress still wordlessly grabbed me by my swollen testicles. I had no idea how long I would have to endure this time in my narrow prison.

Silently I stood there when suddenly a lady pulled me by the nipples! I couldn’t recognise the lady, but I knew it wasn’t Mistress Tess. “There he stands for hours now like a soldier!” she said in a humiliating tone. “Thank you, Lady,” I stammered, already wanting to stand on my tiptoes to relieve the pressure on my nipples. “You don’t need to thank me, I’m not doing this for you slave! I’m doing this because I’m enjoying it right now!”. I realised that I was actually subject to the whims of all the ladies here. My arousal was growing and I would have loved to blow my KG. But the metallic thing caused more and more pain instead.

I spent most of the hours locked in the darkness and enjoyed being in the physical dependence of my mistress! Finally, I was allowed to pamper the tender feet of my Goddess! I greedily took her stockinged feet into my slave mouth so that they almost disappeared in it. It is a beautiful thought if I could serve as a slipper!

My prejudices against studios proved to be groundless and I deeply regret them. I was disillusioned to discover that the ladies have to clean their own workspace. This is of course a perfect task for slaves! I was allowed to thoroughly clean and wash the chamber of Mistress Tess and another Lady. For my pension I could well imagine working as a studio slave.

I spent about 7 hours in the studio under the control of Mistress Tess. A time I will never forget! To top it off, my beloved Mistress gave me the special honour of being allowed to chauffeur you home! When the Goddess left my car at my destination, I kissed the seat on which this wonderful Mistress was sitting! One last time I sucked in her scent deeply! I love and adore you my Mistress Tess! Thank you for letting me be your slave and experience this!