My journey to the sissy and property of the sublime Mistress Tess….


Our story begins on a late evening at the end of May 2021. As so often lately, I am surfing restlessly through the internet. The Corona pandemic has also left clear traces on me. Hardly any free time activities allowed, few social contacts and, by far the worst, all BDSM studios in Munich are closed. Driven by the longing to finally arrive, to finally serve a strict, intelligent, charismatic mistress, I scoured the usual Dominafinder sites. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she appears before me: Mistress Tess’s website. I call up the page excitedly and am somewhat perplexed: I have never seen such indescribable beauty on the one hand and such an eloquently formulated welcome text on the other. Completely beside myself with joy, I immediately look up Mistress Tess’s contact details and begin to formulate a detailed and humble application. After I had sent the message, I looked at my mobile phone every ten seconds so that I would not miss the answer under any circumstances. After about 30 minutes, my phone vibrated. I was so happy to see that Mistress Tess had answered me and from that moment on I knew: This is the one and only Mistress, the strict lady I have been longing for for such a long time. We actually wanted to arrange a first get-to-know-each-other dinner right away for the next week. Of course, Mistress Tess had to test my reliability beforehand: I should please pay for the upcoming pedicure and manicure. Of course, I immediately complied with this request and paid the amount due without any objections. (Author’s note: Anyone who is too stingy to pay a welcome tribute should really think again very carefully about who they are having contact with – Mistress Tess simply deserves it in full) What a great feeling it was to know I could pay for the pedicure and manicure for the mistress! Simply fabulous.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go out for dinner until two weeks later. In the meantime, I was allowed to settle another dinner bill and even had the pleasure of admiring the newly done nails (of course, I almost fell off the beer bench, as I was in the beer garden at the time, whereupon my friends were a little irritated). Furthermore, I had to/was allowed to wear my KG from day 1 and send a proof picture every day. As an exemplary sissy, I of course did absolutely nothing and have been doing this for almost two months now without interruption (all exceptions were communicated to the mistress in advance). There is absolutely nothing better than knowing that Mistress Tess has absolute control over you. Not a day goes by without thinking about her, visiting her website, checking Twitter for tweets from her, etc. pp. But it is exactly this longing, this irrepressible will for a strict hand in life that makes a dominatrix-sub relationship complete and, in my opinion, should never be missing.

The two weeks until our first meeting don’t seem to go by at all. The little sissy clit twitches in the KG, the mistress teases and teases you partly with voicemails (a la carrot and stick) and I can’t really concentrate on my work either. But then the time finally comes: we meet in a nice restaurant in the evening in the centre of Munich. Endlessly excited and full of anticipation, I am of course much too early and wait for the mistress in front of the restaurant entrance. Suddenly she comes around the corner and takes my breath away. Those eyes, that beautiful hair, that style of dress and that naturally dominant appearance just take my breath away. I was immediately confirmed in my assessment of a fortnight ago: This is her, the mistress I want to serve. All in all, the dinner was just perfect. Mistress Tess not only looks stunning, but also has a great sense of humour and, what is incredibly important for me personally, is by far the most intelligent mistress I have met so far. We could chat about everything, but at no time did we lose sight of the distribution of roles: Mistress Tess decides, I have to follow. Is there anything better in life? I think not. By the time I got home.

I couldn’t sleep until 4 a.m. the next morning, thinking about Mistress Tess over and over again.

A few days later, out of nowhere, I received a very great honour. As the studios in Germany were still closed, but already open again in the Netherlands, I was allowed to accompany Mistress Tess as her personal chauffeur and, so to speak, “sissy for everything”. When Mistress Tess asked me to come along, this time I fell, no not off the beer bench, but off the office chair. Luckily I was in the home office, so probably only the housemate below me was a bit irritated by the noise. Of course, the days before the trip I could hardly sleep at all. When the time finally came, I was the happiest slave in the world. Being allowed to spend several days with Mistress Tess is better than winning the lottery. The journey there and back was just a dream, partly we talked, partly Mistress took an absolutely deserved rest. In the Netherlands itself, I waited dutifully in the hotel until Mistress Tess was finished with her sessions and then picked her up again. In fact, I also had my complete sissy equipment with me and we also “played” a bit in the hotel room. Again and again I realised how lucky I was. During our stay, a new rule was formulated: Bye Bye Boxers, hello Ladies Underwear. And that 24/7. Again, I can only say, this knowledge to wear KG + Panties in public (and that too for Mistress Tess) while no one around you has even a hint of a glimmer: Absolutely unbeatable and so fulfilling! After the return journey went smoothly, I dropped Mistress Tess off and was already eagerly hoping for the next opportunity to see the goddess again.

About 1 1⁄2 weeks later, the time had come: breaking news in the news that the BDSM studios in Munich were allowed to reopen (okay, maybe it wasn’t necessarily communicated that way by the media, but it certainly felt that way to me). Mistress Tess and I arranged to meet for the first week of July at Bizarradies. Again, this session was just a dream. Mistress Tess pushes the sissy education consistently, but also very sensitively. From the right dressing to the training of the respective body openings to be available to solvent gentlemen in the future, nothing is missed out. I think it goes without saying that Mistress Tess once again looked simply stunning. Perfection is really an understatement here.

In the meantime it has become a daily routine for me: KG + Panties 24/7. I’m specifically starting to adapt the way I train. Instead of specifically building muscle, I go running much more often and thus reduce my body fat percentage. I’m also working hard on shaping my butt. As they say, if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer. Of course I want to be in top shape for Mistress Tess. Six pack > flabby belly, it’s all about aesthetics.

Session No. 2 follows two weeks later – but this time in the Elegance bizarre studio. Mistress Tess welcomes me in black patent overknee boots, leather leggings and a bralette top. As usual, I can’t get a word out at first and have to collect myself for a moment. In the session itself we had to work on my sissy skills. On the programme: blowjob training. Mistress Tess relentlessly forces the dildo all the way down my throat. Initial problems are quickly resolved and I eventually get it deep inside. Of course, not without having pushed it open 10 times and (no joke) tears coming to my eyes. Luckily I wasn’t wearing any make-up, otherwise that would have just been ruined. Afterwards, the mistress and I exercised my sissy pussy. The penetration felt simply divine and since I was actually allowed to take off my KG, I could hardly hold back an orgasm. But all in all, this session was also just a dream!

The following week everything was back to normal: Not a minute goes by that I don’t think of Mistress Tess, my control picture is obediently sent every day and by now I can’t imagine my life without wearing panties. Almost every day I’m just happy because I know that I’m doing all this for Mistress and that she gives me some attention in return from time to time. Of course, there are also days when I am not so happy and rather worn down, especially when the mistress has a lot to do or is not feeling well and I worry about that. Fortunately, these are very rare.
Today was indeed the third session with my one and only goddess. Dressed all in red, I was welcomed (this time I almost tripped over the last step of the studio, this beauty simply cannot be topped, one can only repeat it over and over again) After we had a very short chat, we started. Today we moved away from sissy training and more in the direction of foot and breath play. And attention drum roll: Mistress Tess has also perfected these types of play. I hope I have convinced the last of you who are undecided. Mistress Tess has simply indescribably beautiful feet, it was an honour to be allowed to pamper them. Also the breath play in the form of facesitting literally took my breath away! Towards the end of the session I was disappointed: I was told that I was not allowed to have an orgasm today. But I’m not sure any more if that was a disappointment at all, in the meantime chastity has become part of everyday life and furthermore I’m of the opinion that this should be missing in absolutely no mistress – slave – relationship. It is only in the hour of greatest deprivation that one learns what is important in life.
Overall, Mistress Tess has given me back so much quality of life in the last few months. No more of this constant harping a la, but that’s not “normal” these life preferences (yes, I’m deliberately writing here of life preferences and not sex preferences. True submission has very little to do with sexual urges in my opinion), “why don’t you just lead a stinking normal life with stinking normal preferences?”, “why do you spend so much money on something so trivial?”. I could finally open up and be who I always wanted to be. Without compromise. That’s why I have no choice but to say again: Thank you thank you thank you for doing what you do and especially how you do it mistress!