Review about Domina Tess from Munich


I was the first slave of Domina Tess from Munich today, I come home and want to write about this great woman right away.

I am still in a daze and regret that I only met her for an hour (but luckily there will be a sequel). Her photos are amazingly beautiful, but we always have to wait and see, especially how the click is in “real life”. The spark was there for me when I found out. She is only 22 years old, but what a woman. Very sensual in beautiful latex that shows off her lovely curves perfectly. An intelligent and nice girl with whom I immediately had a nice conversation. She still had to get used to the room and where everything was. I was already here with other mistresses and also knew how to find the shower easily :-)

Back from the shower the mood changed. The fine girl used this transition moment to show her dominant side. But no question, it suits her. She soon wormed her way into my brain and managed to appeal to my submission. I had to get on my knees and an inspection followed. With a whip in her hand, she walked painfully slowly around me. She slid the whip over my body, across my face and a few gentle strokes on my cock, which was already rock hard. A smile came out of her pretty mouth as she tapped. I was approved and asked to go to the bed and lie on it. I stood up, but it was all wrong. With a sly smile she asked me, “What are you doing? Did I tell you to get up?”. I had to get on my knees to the bed, that was the intention. Oops, better listen! On the bed she tied me up, blindfolded me and explored my body further with her whip. Looking for the sensitive spots on my body. She tapped my nipples, stroked my neck and legs. I don’t like CBT at all and let her know that beforehand. The unexpected touch of the whip against my balls made me shudder, but it was just a caress. So no pain, but the mind game was there. She led me astray at several points in the session.

From that moment on it became dazed, one moment I was allowed to touch her and the next not, with the blindfold up and down. The moments when she looked at me for a long time after the blindfold was removed have stayed with me. She is so pretty. She played a lot with my nipples, gave me a facesitting under her perfect bottom, gave me a big spanking with a paddle (it’s still burning, I had asked for it) and finally I was led to the sling. There she fucked me deeply. ‘Do you think you may cum?’ she said as she fucked me. I begged hoping I had earned it. I was allowed to wank and as she increased the pace I came hard with big jets! Panting I lay in the sling, she smiled at me. She let me lie for a minute to catch my breath, then untied me and helped me back to my feet. I had to sit on the bed for a while because my legs were still shaking haha. She let me land quietly and the dominatrix turned back into the nice intelligent girl. I was able to shower again and we said goodbye.

I said I hoped to see her again soon, she indicated she had room on her last day on Sunday. I am amazed that her agenda is not quite filled yet, you don’t often see that with a topper like that. Maybe not wise for the wallet (although she charges a lower price than in Germany), but I immediately booked another session for Sunday.

Mistress Tess is definitely going in my top 3!