Rewiev about Domina Tess from Munich

I’ll try to keep it short. One of the lucky ones!

With trembling knees and a pounding heart, I appeared in front of the building in Almere. Strangely enough, I had a warm feeling as soon as I entered. There is something different about Mistress Tess’s aura…. not necessarily her elegant and deeply characteristic appearance, but her aura and energy. Very naturally approachable to make you feel at ease quickly. But make no mistake; as soon as she takes on the dominant role, you will know.

On my knees to worship her feet and then put on her beautiful heels. Crawling to the wheel just to be tied up. Belt around my neck (it was pretty tight; nice), body tied to the wheel, eye cap on a gag. Impressive!!! I think you only see that in movies. Let the fun begin!

Completely abstracted from reality I felt afterwards. What a joy that was. Really in the ‘nether space’. Then I hit my back and chest (both sides; I like pain) pretty hard. The stripes don’t lie. Attributes I couldn’t see but could feel were checked. The fear and tension with my eye mask on and tied feels so deep. My nipples have been through a lot too and the searing pain with the knowledge that it was administered by Domina Mistress Tess is unparalleled. Candle wax and nipple clamps to name a few. Mental stimulation at its finest. Pain administered by someone like her is very, very mentally stimulating. Knowing that there is such an inner manifestation behind every action. She is not playing the dominance. She is the domination herself. And you feel that and you can’t play it either.

What helps me the most is the alternation between strong pain and her tender hands gliding over your body and then being slapped properly again. A rollercoaster of emotions. Not only is this a smart dominatrix who witnesses our interaction, but her emotional intelligence doesn’t lie (EQ). And that’s what makes Domina Tess so complete. Most memorable is how she laughs sincerely between acts, for example when you moan and cringe from the electric shocks. A very special dominatrix.

My biggest fear as a rookie was that such an attitude would feel very good… but I think she enjoyed the whole game as much as I did, if not more! What an honour. Worth every penny. Remember, our lives are made up of memories. You want a memory with Domina Tess from Munich in your history books. A utopian memory, of course. Sorry for the long text. Rather extremely positively surprised by this experience. Wonderful experience. Find out for yourself. Time to start saving! She will be back.