It was just a normal appointment with a client in Munich. At least on the outside, because on the inside it looked different. I had been agitated since the night before and my little cock was sliming away. I hadn’t seen my Mistress Tess for 7 months now. It had been just as long since I had my last orgasm. Times are not easy at the moment because, thanks to Corona, it is difficult to cross the border into Germany. A business trip seemed to be the only way out for me to humbly present my birthday present to my Mistress Tess.

“Mr G. You agree with us that we should implement these measures in the next few weeks, don’t you?”, this direct address snapped me out of my thoughts. “Er, yes!”, I replied, staring at the screen to consider the correctness of my answer in retrospect. ‘Flowers, I still need flowers badly!”, I thought. “Alright, the minutes will go out to all participants in the next few days! Thank you, gentlemen!” the leader of the meeting concluded. Finally, I got the meeting over with. I have been longing for the meeting ahead of me for months!

As an old slave, I can look back on some experience, but what I experienced with Mistress Tess was beyond anything I could have imagined. During the lockdown I could only worship my goddess in photos several times a day. Mistress Tess is so unique, however, that a photo alone cannot represent this mistress. While the portraits depict her perfect beauty, the perfection of this Goddess can only be captured in a personal encounter.

With a bouquet of roses, the gift and soft knees, I sent a message to the Goddess at the front door. With a click, the door opener released the entrance. A door opened on the first floor and my Goddess appeared in the doorway. Dressed all in black with tight leggings and knee-high boots. My insecurity grew as I entered the flat. “Hello slave! Greet me properly!!!” she ordered me. I almost fell to the floor as my shaking knees could not keep me upright for long anyway. It wasn’t my lips alone that kissed Her boots, all my surrender broke through and I was close to tears with gratitude! “You brought a gift!?” the Goddess asked curiously. I had to tear myself away and presented my gifts on my knees. “Come along!” on all fours I followed Mistress Tess into the kitchen. The flowers were taken care of and now my Mistress unwrapped her gift. It was a handbag for which I had made full use of my tight budget. “Nice, not a designer model, but still!” she remarked. I am always aware that I will never be able to meet the high standards of this dark elf!

“Before I deal with you, there is work waiting for you!” she said, leading me into a room where countless boxes were stacked. They had to be gifts from slaves who gave gifts to Mistress via Amazon. “You will dispose of this, do you understand?”. I had understood and so I packed all the boxes into my car. Even my mistress’s rubbish was sacred to me and so my heart pounded as I handed over this precious cargo to its destination.

Back with my mistress, a tight dog collar now constricted my neck, my vision was taken away by an eye mask. So I was allowed to lie down on the sheet of latex that had been poking me in the eye the whole time. Especially the objects placed there, such as dildos and torture instruments, caught my attention. Blind and full of arousal, I lay on my stomach, my legs spread wide. Mistress Tess checked the filling state of my balls with a skilful and firm grip. “I think you are cheating on me and jerking off secretly, slave!!!!!”. I wanted to deny it, but the tight gag prevented any conversation. On the contrary, I had great difficulty not to drool from the corners of my mouth. With my stammering I only managed to make the grip even tighter. “Shut up!!!” I was put in my place with a firm tone. I propped myself up on my chin again and waited for things to happen. I enjoyed every single touch of my holy goddess! Every cell of my body the Mistress tried to feel, once Her beautiful hair grazed me, then She touched me with Her gloved hands. ‘Please not in my ass’, I thought to myself, as I am particularly sensitive in this area. Every attempt to stretch my asshole so far has ended in carnage. Completely at her mercy, I have no say in what the mistress does to me.

“I’ll take care of your ass later!”, the goddess told me! ‘Phew, lucky,’ it ran through my head. As my body relaxed again, I suddenly felt a twinge! That had to be a nerve wheel with which my mistress was working me. I had not known this instrument until then. Fine stitches spread all over my body. My brain was flooded with this pleasant feeling. The pain was like wellness for my slave soul. I was now completely occupied with withstanding the treatment. By now there was a burning sensation all over my body and that pushed all other thoughts out of my little brain. Only Mistress Tess and the nerve wheel! I still get goosebumps now when I think of it. After Mistress paused, she spat on me and verbally told me what a ridiculous creature I was. “You may get dressed again after this lesson, you fat pig!” the mistress ordered me. She released me from the bandages and I was allowed to put my clothes back on.

“You will thank her appropriately,” she told me. I crawled to your boots and kissed your leg dress intimately! ‘Please, please don’t send me away’, I thought with each kiss! I would rather have been put in a dungeon by my Goddess than have to leave now. But Mistress Tess showed me the door and all I am left with are the constant thoughts of this beautiful Queen and Her signature She left on my skin.