It was Tuesday evening when I locked the door to my office. I had still told my staff that I was taking two days off. For two days I will be allowed to be what my destiny is. How I would love to give up my position of leadership and live forever in servitude to my mistress Mistress Tess. My imprisonment in a swamp of life’s lies, I would gladly trade for a life in the dungeon of my Goddess. I would no longer have to pretend to be on business with my wife and I could devote my life entirely to my exalted Queen Mistress Tess!

These thoughts are constantly circling in my head! They are so present that they are already affecting my perception. I did not know how I had travelled the distance to my car. Absentminded and aroused, I unlocked the car, already functioning. A mixture of horniness and bondage flashed through my body. I still had to clean my car thoroughly on the way home, after all, my holy goddess should travel in style! I cleaned inside and out, in constant thought of all that will happen in the next few days. My task will be to chauffeur Mistress Tess from Munich to Cologne. To make the journey even more pleasant I will get chilled drinks and snacks.

The next day I will set off for Munich. The journey will take three hours and my longing for my mistress grows with every minute! My excitement is kept in check by a KG of steel. Passing the city entrance I can’t wait to meet my Mistress Tess.

Finally the time had come! She moved like an elf towards my car. With a trembling hand I held the car door open. “Hello slave” flitted across her lips. Actually, I wanted to assure her of my submissiveness and confess my most subservient love, but I only stammered: “Good day, my holy goddess”. I stammered these words because I could not think clearly.

The journey would take at least five hours. I was always highly concentrated and I tried to keep a comfortable driving style. Nevertheless, I had to brake harder once because of a traffic jam. Immediately, Goddess’ hand hit me on my cheek. “E xcuse me Mistress Tess!” was all I could manage! After two hours of driving, my bladder was tormenting me. I had been struggling to suppress my urge the whole time! Through the rear view mirror I looked at my beautiful goddess. I had to dare and ask her if I could stop at a rest area. My bladder was already aching when Mistress Tess finally allowed me to pull into a rest stop. Arriving at the car park, I opened the car door for my Mistress! “You wait here until I get back!”, she went straight to the rest stop to freshen up.

Like a soldier, I waited by the car for the time being. My urge had become so great that I could hardly hold it in. Finally back, my goddess ordered me to “Come with me! I followed her behind some bushes where she forced me to the ground. It smelled musty and like shit. I tried to position myself between the piles so as not to come into contact with any of the handkerchiefs scattered on the ground. I was allowed to lick my mistress’ shoes clean and I feared with every movement that my bladder would burst. The mistress noticed this of course and searched for the tense organ with her shoe. Again and again she kicked my belly and I almost couldn’t hold it back anymore “Please mistress, please,…”! My pleading was acknowledged with a slap, “Come along you whiner!” she drove at me! She stopped on the pavement that demarcated the car park. “You may piss NOW!”, I heard her say as she moved towards the car.

I now stood there not knowing what happened to me! My bladder and KG were already hurting so badly. In the meantime, Goddess had leaned against the car 10 metres away and indicated with a movement of her head that I should pee. My sphincter relaxed and a very pleasant, relaxing feeling spread! At the same time it became warm in my crotch! My piss flowed down my trouser legs and into my shoes. I was standing in the middle of the people and a little boy called out, “Mummy, Mummy, look!”. His mother turned her head away while pointing her finger at me. This made other passers-by take notice of me. As the last drop flowed into my shoes, I went to my vehicle and I felt evil eyes following me.

My mistress had meanwhile taken her seat in the back again. Before I could sit down in the driver’s seat, Mistress Tess handed me a plastic bag. “You will put the wet clothes in there! I don’t fancy smelling your piss.”. She left me only my shirt for the onward journey. I just hoped we didn’t get caught in a police check!

Arriving in Cologne, Mistress Tess left my car and as a thank you she spat in my mouth, “I was pleased with you! You may drive back now!”. “Thank you my Mistress Tess! Thank you!”.

I now had a return journey of eight hours ahead of me. I decided to get a hotel room in Frankfurt. Checking in with pissed off clothes! That’s what a loser like me deserves!