My news slave Chris

Shopping date in Munich.
I had a date in the centre of Munich and was very excited on the way to my goddess. When I saw Mistress Tess, my excitement grew at first. However, her elegant and confident manner quickly put me at ease. I was immediately captivated by her naturalness and very authentic charisma. During the whole date I never knew how to describe her. She is so much in one. This elegant charm. A bit innocent like a girl. In the next moment, however, insanely dominant and unyielding. A perfect play between tender and hard. Miss Tess has taken me further than I thought. She ignited an addiction in me. From minute to minute my urge to serve her and to fulfil her wishes has increased.
Mistress Tess is both inwardly and outwardly unpredictable and incomparable. I am curious to see what other spheres this goddess will take me to. I will never forget her soft skin and her scent.