Anal treatment

The sensitive anal region should not be neglected, especially with a sissy! No matter if you are a beginner or already experienced. The anal treatment by Mistress Tess will give you the highest feelings of happiness. You will learn to willingly stretch out your bottom to the dominatrix. Mistress Tess will take you from tender to extreme.

Anal dilatation

You want to feel more than just a plug or a dildo? With anal stretching, Domina Mistress Tess proves the stretching ability of your anus!


Autonomous sensory meridian response is a goosebump application. Mistress Tess uses triggers such as the rubbing of latex gloves or her soft voice. Mistress Tess creates an incomparable atmosphere! This way her whispered punishment threats penetrate deep into your subconscious! ASMR promises the highest excitement!

Breath Control

Are you even worth breathing the same air as Mistress Tess? By reducing your breathing, the dominatrix has complete control over your most important bodily function! You are absolutely dependent on Mistress Tess!

Cane education

A classic among the percussion instruments, besides the various whips, is the cane! Mistress Tess practices caning to perfection. Depending on whether there are marks on your body or not, seating problems are guaranteed.


It is often medically necessary to place a catheter in the patient. Dr. Tess will personally see to it that this practice is carried out professionally. Fixed and immobile, every arousal becomes a special experience.


Nowhere else in the body are arousal and pain so close together! Your dominatrix knows how to treat this region! Completely at her mercy, you will get to know the boundaries between pleasure and pain. Mistress Tess understands ballbusting as well as the use of various CBT instruments.

Community education

Domina Mistress Tess enjoys having a host of slaves under her. The education of several slaves suits Domina Mistress Tess just as well as the relationship of further persons to a community education.


The dominatrix attaches great importance to cleanliness. On the outside as well as inside your bowels. Enemas that you have to hold for a long time amuse the sadistic dominatrix Mistress Tess! In combination with anal treatments, the goddess controls even your lowest bodily functions!


You must always be aware of your calling as a slave. Real enslavement is not a game that is limited to one session! Dominance is in Mistress Tess’ blood and she loves to apply this inclination in all your situations. You are subjugated and enslaved in every way. Of course, the general conditions have to be defined beforehand.


You love women’s clothes and you know that you are a sissy? Perfectly made up, you will kneel in front of Mistress Tess in a sexy outfit! A real sissy must of course always be willingly ready for anal treatments! Who knows, maybe Domina Mistress Tess will hold you captive in the KG. Feminisation also means that Domina Mistress Tess will teach you to walk in high heels!


Mistress Tess offers a variety of fixations, in white or black. As a patient, you can expect a thorough examination in Mistress Tess’ clinic.  You can only watch motionless if you are allowed to look! Leather and metal restraints will render you defenceless in the black area. The lady can let you stew and demonstrate to you the hopelessness.


Depending on your stretching ability, Mistress Tess will sink her hands into you. A special experience for connoisseurs! Beginners are taught gently but firmly. Fisting is not for heroes, the lady always proceeds responsibly!


The classic form among SM practices is flagellation. Mistress Tess will correct your behaviour by inflicting pain. From the cane to various whips you will feel on your skin. The lady loves to leave marks on your body by prior arrangement! From soft to extreme, Mistress Tess is familiar with all types of play.


As a fattening pig you are fattened up by Mistress Tess. Mistress Tess ingeniously feeds you until you can take no more. Overstuffed by force-feeding, it will be a relief when you can return the offerings. VOMIT represents the opposite of feeding.

Golden Shower

A special privilege for lovers is to enjoy the delicious natural sparkling wine from Domina Mistress Tess! Mistress Tess serves her delicious nectar from the fountain or in a glass. For wet play, the dominatrix will also gladly give you a golden shower.

Heavy Rubber

Completely enclosed in rubber, you will be turned into a mummy by Domina Mistress Tess. In combination with breath reduction, Domina Mistress Tess completely determines your rubber object.


Domina Mistress Tess’s humiliations will make you see your imperfections! Ingeniously, the dominatrix will always find clues in your inferior personality to belittle. No matter what you are, you will be reduced to what you were born to be by the multi-layered dominance of Domina Mistress Tess. With incredible charm and relentlessness, Domina Mistress Tess penetrates your submissive soul, into areas that you yourself have never known.

Inflatable bags

Bondage bags give your body the feeling of floating. You lie in a double-walled inflatable bag. The space gets tighter and tighter and you end up lying on a cushion of air. Only your face and private parts remain accessible to Mistress Tess.


The Lady will adjust your body as she pleases! Maybe breasts look good on you? Injections are often used in conjunction with CBT! The saline solution can be applied to various parts of the body, so let’s see how your useless body can be adapted to please Mistress Tess!


In the dungeon of Domina Mistress Tess, your excitement will quickly give way to hopelessness. Imprisonment will challenge you especially psychologically! A rollercoaster of emotions will set in and of course chastity is a must!


In a dungeon you sit, tied to an armchair, opposite the strict commandant. The dominatrix uses methods that make every slave talk. In the interrogation you will confess everything, just as Mistress Tess wants to hear it from you!

Kidnapping games

Do you dare to be taken away by Mistress Tess? You won’t know where you’re being taken. Perhaps you will find yourself in an interrogation room? The dominatrix will ask you embarrassing questions. Abduction games will make you feel insecure and hopeless! Give up control completely to Mistress Tess!


Masks are an important part of BDSM. Domina Mistress Tess makes you visually what you always wanted to be. Whether dog, pig or isolation mask, in any case your perception is also influenced. Mistress Tess is not a stranger to any actions, even to the point of absolute sensory deprivation.


Even in her battle dress, the dominatrix is unique! You will be subjected to a rigorous muster! As a recruit you have to endure all the hazards of the drill sergeant Mistress Tess. From simple hazing to tough boot camp, the long-suffering recruit learns about military hardship.


Wrapped motionless in foil, latex or rubber, you are unable to move a single finger. In the white area, various bandages are also used to turn you into a mummy.

Nipple torture

The treatment of the nipples is almost part of the standard repertoire of a dominatrix. The use of red painted fingernails alone is enough to show Mistress Tess how erogenous this zone is! Hardcore can tolerate more, so there is no lack of various clamps! A nipple treatment can be a short impulse or a long-lasting torment.


Skilfully placed needles produce a pulling pain. Acupuncture needles and cannulas are skilfully placed under your skin. Mistress Tess treats even your most sensitive body parts!

Partner education

You want to bring new momentum into your love life? Mistress Tess is of the opinion that every man has to serve a lady. Under the competent guidance, the partner is lustfully enslaved and educated to become the perfect slave..


Dehumanisation is a form of humiliation that can be made very pleasurable. You are relentlessly reduced to a Pet, whether a lap dog or a Piggy! Masks are also part of it, as is perfect dressage!


You should have more experience before you get involved in psychogames! The experiences will be engraved in your psyche for a long time. You will experience interrogations, verbal humiliation, sensory deprivation and even imprisonment! Do you feel up to it?

Restrictive fixations

Mistress Tess’s clinic offers a wide range of bondage and restrictive restraints. Let yourself be surprised by the sophistication of Mistress Tess! With ropes and harnesses you will be defenceless!

Role plays

Your dominatrix is a perfect master of role play! Soon you will lose touch with reality. Thanks to her natural dominant disposition, Mistress Tess fills all roles with perfection! From strict prison guard to wicked aunt, she fires every fantasy!


Domina Mistress Tess likes to face you in a horny latex outfit. You can also feel this material on your skin. The dominatrix turns you into a rubber or latex doll!


Sewing goes far beyond simple needling! Different things are sewn onto your body or openings are sewn! Sewing games are a special type of game from the clinic area.

Stimulation current

The finest kind of stimulation can be achieved by using stimulation current. Of course, Mistress Tess determines the intensity of the current! A type of play that, depending on the intensity, is perceived as pleasurable or as punishment.

Strap On

With a strap-on, you’ll experience what it’s like to be taken from behind. Anal sex also plays an important role in sissy education. Different strap ons are used from XS to XXL.

Tease and Denial

A speciality of Mistress Tess! The mere appearance of Mistress Tess will get your blood pumping! The goddess knows how to prevent your arousal. Tease and Denial is an up and down between arousal and denial!


Stretched out on the floor, you feel the delicate weight of Mistress Tess! With naked or stockinged legs, with or without high heels. You serve as a carpet for the strict dominatrix Mistress Tess!

Tunnel Games

A game without an abort option and mostly without a code word! You have to go through the tunnel that Mistress Tess has in store for you. Mistress Tess chooses from a wide range from rheumatism cream to ginger. Through bondage, Mistress Tess can intensify this experience to excess!

Usage games

No matter what you are or where you come from. The dominatrix uses you as she pleases. One minute you’re a seat, the next you’re a doormat. You are defencelessly at the dominatrix’s mercy!

Verbal eroticism

Verbal humiliation is a great accompaniment to any session! Mistress Tess has a natural dramatic gift and she always hits the right note! Arousing or humiliating. Her kind of verbal eroticism inspires your slave soul!


Candles are part of an atmospheric session. Mistress Tess lets the hot candle wax cool down on your skin. Drop by drop she spreads the wax on your body. It is not uncommon for a thick layer of wax to form in the intimate area.