Nervous and tense, so I stood in front of the door of the Bizarrstudio Elegance before my first appointment with Misstress Tess. 4 times I was already, or rather, first, with a dominatrix. Always it was good, but never did I really want to go again…..I find myself, so to speak, in search of the perfect hour for me in the clutches of a Misstress.

Shortly after the door opened, I looked into the deep and exciting eyes of Miss Tess, but did not dare to admire her wonderful body.After a short, pleasant preliminary conversation, it went directly, I had already communicated my wishes and taboos in advance. Whether this time the chemistry is right?

Everything that came next blurred in my memory…….ein collar with chain, unconditional follow and be at the mercy, “fulfilling” games, but especially smells, words and touches, which brought me to the Vestand. Suddenly a glove with sharp points appears in front of my face. Everything twitches. Fear, lust, greed, pain and desire……I can’t sort it….eyes closed or open……much just comes and goes without me consciously acting it out.

A warm shiver and an explosion, then I slowly come back to reality. I

Days later…..

I think my journey or search is over. I found everything I was looking for in that hour…..but stop; the journey continues. I think I will discover a lot of new territory together with Miss Tess. Provided she lets me……