Hello dear Miss Tess.

I would like to tell you my impressions of our meeting. The contact was quick and easy, here her nice voice and the great way already drew me into a spell. The anticipation grew. On the day of the meeting I was nervous and excited. On time I then entered the studio and your appearance was simply the madness. The only thing I could say then was wow. I was very proud and happy to be able to serve you right away.
The preliminary interview was very short because I already expressed my preferences in my WhatsApps. First and foremost, I’m totally into feet, I wanted spitting and NS.

On all fours and naked I waited then on the floor to welcome them. They first spit in my mouth – simply divine to see you so close and to be allowed to take their spit.
They tied me up and tied me a leash. I was allowed to crawl behind them and the best I was allowed to kiss their buttocks and smell them. That was indescribable. The scent was indescribable. In addition, I had to look at myself in the mirror as I kissed your butt with boner on all fours. Pure humiliation.
Then you put something in my butt. I must say that I actually did not want that, I just wanted to kiss her feet, but nothing there. In addition, my nipples were still clamped. So far I was not on pain ,but for you I did that with pleasure and then also enjoyed.
Then they sat down and I had to rub against her boot and it happened. I could not hold it any longer.
You were rightly angry, after all you did not allow me to come.
As punishment I had to lick it up from the floor, I have never been so disgusted, but did it because they said so.

Quickly the horniness came back because I was allowed to open her boots with my teeth.
However, I was only allowed to smell in a bit and then close again. I had not yet earned your feet. I was here nevertheless because of it.
I had to walk on the leash again and they tried to put something bigger in my bottom.
But now it was finally time and I was allowed to take off their boots again, again with the teeth. And then was finally allowed to hold the most precious thing in my hands.
Her stockinged foot. I was allowed to smell, kiss and lick. Only the stocking to take off, I was not allowed. You blindfolded me so I couldn’t see my feet. Then you put the stocking in my mouth and sat on my face. I came pretty quickly the 2nd time. And they asked me if you could play with me some more. They were not yet at the end, but I was. So I then said, let’s continue the next time, because I could no longer.
We had played for over an hour, the time would have been over, but they would have continued.  The appointment was over a week ago and I’ve been thinking about you every day since. Check their status, Twitter, and am insanely looking forward to our next meeting.
I have tried a lot around, but have with you the feeling to have found my my final mistress. I want to serve you and be a good slave to you.
I can’t wait to be at your mercy next time. You awaken things in me that I myself did not know existed.

You are a true goddess, as of last week you are also my goddess Misstress Tess.
Thank you