In the black box

Excitedly, I rang the doorbell of the studio where Mistress Tess worked. I had a very great longing for my mistress and therefore my thoughts had been only with Mistress Tess all day. I don’t know how the three-hour journey went. The whole day I had been in a daze. Now I was excited and I couldn’t wait to kneel before my Goddess. With a low hum, the door was released. My heart was pounding and the stairs to the penthouse raised my pulse even more. Quietly the door was opened for me and there stood my adored beauty. In an almost transparent black bodysuit and thigh-high boots. At this sight, I could only fall to my already soft knees. It was impossible for me to stay on my feet any longer. I was led into a room where I could undress and wait for the goddess.

“Greet me properly!”, Mistress Tess ordered me. Completely unexpectedly, She made an elegant turn and I stared at Her perfect backside. It was like a landscape perfectly staged by a painter. In front of the two gentle hills, the fabric of your bodysuit ran together to squeeze through a valley. This released your curves, which I now began to kiss intimately. Never in my life have my lips felt anything like this. The goddess’s delicate skin felt like velvet and the shape and smell of her bottom reminded me of sweet fruit. I could not refrain from continuing to kiss her. Suddenly Mistress Tess hit me in the crotch with her heel! A pain shot through me, but my lips would not stop kissing her. Again her high heel hit my testicles and my KG made a metallic sound. This time it was a lot more painful so I flinched reflexively.

“Come with me!!!” it rang in my ear while I was still trying to overcome the pain. I anticipated my whereabouts. I would spend most of my time back in the black box in the hallway. The thick padding made the interior even tighter than it seemed from the outside. As the lock clicked I knew that I was now physically at the mercy of my goddess as well. I long for these moments. I would love to live in a dungeon to which only my goddess has access.

No one else was in the studio! Mistress Tess was alone today, waiting for her appointments. I could perceive the Mistress walking down the hall. However, I was not worthy of her attention. Whenever her footsteps approached, my cock tried to straighten up. The blood throbbed in my crotch and the KG made my balls appear plump and glassy. The tension down there was almost unbearable. Suddenly my mistress, through a hole in the door, grabbed this tight package. It almost threatened to burst, but she pulled it out and my body wanted to follow her, which was prevented by the door. “Do you want me to pull out your useless cock?” she asked deprecatingly. I could only moan as I tried to relieve myself of the situation somehow. In addition, my red-painted fingernails were digging into my bulging sack.

To open the door, Mistress Tess gave my junk a short break. Only to reach for it again immediately. The mistress pulled me by the balls through the corridor to the terrace, where I was allowed to keep her company for a short while. It is impossible to describe this situation to the reader in an impressive way. Imagine a fairy-like, delicate figure moving gracefully and elegantly through a corridor. Behind her, the slave is guided with a firm grip on her testicles. You have to experience such a scenario for yourself, just like everything connected with Mistress Tess!

Back in my cramped sarcophagus, I waited patiently until Mistress needed my services again. Time and space were relative that day. I felt like I was in paradise! To be so close to my Mistress and to be at the mercy of Her will and arbitrariness put me in a state of bliss. The purpose of my life is to serve my Goddess and so I cleaned the studio after every customer. I cleaned dildos and other toys as well as the furniture.

In between doing my duty, Mistress Tess chastised me several times with the whip. I had shared a post by another lady on Twitter. In retrospect, I can’t understand how this happened to me. Somehow the post appealed to me. Anyway, I was guilty and I thanked her for every lash and kick.

My duties also included cleaning the wet room. Mistress Tess had administered a golden shower here. The nectar of the goddess was spread on the tiles and I could not help but taste the divine liquid. It took a lot of effort to simply wash away this delicious liquid. It felt like pouring champagne down the drain. What kind of slave did that have to be to leave even a drop of it?

The time flew by. I got to spend almost nine hours with Mistress Tess, mostly locked up. My submission and abject adoration for my Mistress makes me endure anything. In my relationship with Mistress Tess, I realise again and again that femdom is love in its purest form. In no other relationship can you live out and enjoy devotion and dependence like this. Thank you for letting me be your slave, Mistress Tess!