It was a very special day for me! A day that unfortunately only rarely happens in the life of a slave. All day long I was allowed to chauffeur my mistress Mistress Tess. Of course, with my car and I had to separate the rear by a curtain. The goddess should not be disturbed by my visage in the back seat. I noticed through the rear view mirror a small gap through which I could look. Far too small to fully show my mistress’s regal head, it was large enough to spread her beguiling perfume throughout the vehicle.

“Next chance you get, pull over,” my goddess ordered me. Just the sound of her voice took my breath away. Arriving at a car park, Mistress Tess ordered me to enter a small forest with her. I always walked behind the Mistress and I could not take my eyes off Her perfect legs. The tight jeans moulded her divine backside into a perfect silhouette that even the best sculptors could not have depicted. The long hair floated as light as a feather with every step you took. Her movements were those of divine grace.

The impressions had been with me all day. The KG prevented my little tail from straightening up.

The little cage had a ring of thorns that dug into the flesh at the slightest arousal. The horny pain almost drove me mad!
Once in the forest, my goddess ordered me to my knees. No words were needed, only her looks were enough. I was allowed to clean the soles of her shoes with my tongue. I licked everything off, the dirt, the leaves, everything that stuck to your shoes was worth more than me. It was divine nourishment for me! Kneeling on all fours, Mistress Tess ordered me to spread my legs. She stepped behind me but nothing happened, at least not immediately. Suddenly I felt my mistress rubbing her foot in my crotch. I wanted to scream with horniness, the KG kept my mini cock firmly in check. And then poof, a pain shot through me, it went straight to my brain, took my breath away. “Spread your legs!” the goddess ordered me, and there was the second kick. It hit my balls, which were already bulging from the KG, even harder. I had trouble keeping up, I couldn’t disappoint my mistress and didn’t want to hide my junk. Nevertheless, my thighs closed instinctively. “Thank you Mistress,” I stammered doggedly. “Spread your legs!”, “Please, Mistress,…” I trembled but obeyed nonetheless. With the next kick I went completely to the ground and lay whimpering before this beautiful goddess! She laughed heartily at the maggot writhing in pain in front of her in the dirt.

Again I knelt on all fours, panting. My goddess kicked me again and rubbed her shoes into my crotch. “Please, Mistress I must,…” and I tried to dodge, but it was too late!!! Despite the KG I leaked, the senseless liquid spread into my pants and I could literally feel a wet spot forming in my pants. Before that I had been kept chaste for three months, because Mistress Tess forbade me to ever cum again. However, I failed miserably during this horny experience. My mistress laughed at me and I had to leave the forest after her. The people in the car park must have wondered why I came out of the forest with wet pants ….

Thank you my Mistress Tess! I humbly love you!