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Blog & Testimonials of Mistress Tess

2903, 2022

Review from Dora

Sooo Tess I'm on the train now and my butt still feels your handiwork. The people around me must notice that I was just mercilessly taken through!? First of all, thank you for the session! It was really a super [...]

2301, 2022

Couples evening

Good morning dear Tess, I wanted to thank you for our session yesterday. The pictures are still very present and have brought me tonight around the sleep. Not only your charming appearance and your very hot outfits, but also how [...]

1601, 2022

Review from Nino

Hello dear Miss Tess. I would like to tell you my impressions of our meeting. The contact was quick and easy, here her nice voice and the great way already drew me into a spell. The anticipation grew. On the day [...]

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